About the key-issue

There´s never been a more appropriate time to fight for a better tone in the communications and better behaviour on the internet. With +1 CHATTITUDE we want to help change the way we behave on the Internet. We aim to make people more aware of how they portray themselves and treat others online.

We're not talking about making restrictions or rules about writing funny and silly stuff, nor about swearing and using dark humor. We´/re simply talking about common decency and being nice to people. We´/re trying to eliminate the personal attacks, discriminations and the diminishing comments, which we should all react to.

“We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right.”

Aretha Franklin - Singer
Everyone has an element of Decency, edification & courtesy

When you sit behind a computer screen, it is a lot easier to be tough and harsh when it comes to communicating with people. It seems like all our decency disappears when we are safe behind a screen.

Some people are deliberately trying to seek out conflict - to provoke and upset other people. Other people might type in a lewd way. They might think of it as fun or maybe that it is normal. It can be embarrassing and offensive.

The point is that we all know how to behave in real life, when we meet people face-to-face. We do not go around and insult people in our daily lives.

“The most important thing parents can do, although it's not the only thing they should do, is model the behavior they want from their kids.”

Angela Duckworth
How Do you talk to the people around you?

We encourage people to use the language that you would use when you are sitting face-to-face.

Rule of thumb: What you would not say in real life, you should not write on the Internet.

The intention of +1 CHATTITUDE is to combat ANY kind of negative communication, which we define as:

- Direct negative communication
- Spontaneous personal attack
- Any forms of provocations
- Destructive behaviour
- Breaking of the rules and trolling.

“If you're not a decent person, you can at least behave like one. Who can tell the difference? Only God can tell. The rest of us look at the actions you take.”

Sanne Udsen - Danish author
Situational Awareness and empathy

Sarcasm and irony without any situational awareness can affect the surroundings negatively, because both of these can be perceived differently from person to person. Words can seem degrading and hurtful, especially without any facial expressions or context. This can also happen with offensive words and intentional teasing, which can come across in a completely different way to how they were perhaps intended.

On the other hand sarcasm and irony can be used to create a fun and joyful environment, but it has to be done with caution.

Remember: You can never know how your words might be received. Something that you think is playful and fun, may not be received in that way.

“Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.”

Benjamin E. Mays
Help upholding the Positive attitude, or keep quiet

Speaking in a negative and careless manner can lead to a bad attitude in a community; it can destroy the unity and constructive communication, as well as promoting conflicts and even bullying.

Some people can cope with the bad tone and might even play along. Others might not be able to say stop. The reactions from the people not thriving with the tone can be very different. Some might leave the unity; some might join in on the bad tone and perhaps even cause it to become worse.

“Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners.”

Benjamin Banneker
Stand tall, and become a +1 CHATTITUDE ambassador

The more people that take a stance against the bad behaviour on the Internet, the better. Of course, we need to have fun on the Internet; it is all about balance and situational awareness. You can help us with our mission by reacting when you experience personal attacks, discrimination and other negative activities. We thank you for your support!

Please note that the entire +1 website soon will follow in english. We are working on it!

If you need more info regarding this key-issue: admin[a]plusonechattitude.com